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International SunFish

Midwinter Championship at PYC Brandi Whitehurst: Photo Gallery

Video by Cindy Timmons

 2013 TriNats Day One video Results

 2013 Weta Nationals at FWYC Video Results

 IWCA Wave North Americans - photos by Holly Trinque

Here is a video from the other member of Trinque Studio

AC 45 action from The Bay by Steve Green, Bay area Multihull Association

2012 Junior Olympic Sailing Festival photos by Millie

Jr Oly Results are here

Meigs Results are here

 2012 Trimaran Nationals at Fort Walton Yacht Club

results and more photos by Liz Clark - FWYC

2012 Pensacola Midwinters at  Key Sailing

Pensacola Beach, March 24 & 25: Taylor Reiss and Michael Rice demonstrated awesome mental toughness by coming back on Sunday with a fiery performance, despite having a C2 tiller cross bar on the Viper 16, to win First in the Formula 16 Class and first in Fleet. Captain Kirk ended up second on his shiny new NACRA 20, and Charlie Trinque won the tie breaker against 'fast' Bert for a podium finish.  Photos by Millie Rice Results

PBYC Frosbite Steeplchase Gallery report available in the next Spreader

Tradewinds Photos day three

Hangover but Hang On Regatta photos by Millie Rice 

F 32 "Jail Break" test sail  update on rigging video

Training Formula 16 high school sailors in the shadow of the F 32 is just another afternoon delight for Mr. Smyth.

New Farrier 32 SR at FWYC being commissioned by Smyth Photos

2011 Galloway Regatta Photos by Bert

FWYC's Meigs Regatta, 2011 photos by Millie Rice

Saturday Sunday Final Results - all Divisions

Millie's Shutterfly Galleries are now OPEN

Photos from the 2011 JR Olympic Regatta at PYC Results

Photos from the 2011 Round the Island Race - FWYC Results

Welcome to Margaritaville Sailing Millie Rice gallery


Chuck Johnson's gallery

    Chester Ramsey's awesome "Cruise Book"

Leonard and Smyth Claim Margaritaville Crowns


Pensacola Beach - The 2011 US Trimaran Nationals, sponsored by Corsair Marine, the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, and Weta Florida were held May 1 - 5. Jim Leonard, from Birmingham Sailing Club won the first Weta Championship against Chris Kitchen, from New Zealand, and Randy Smyth, from Fort Walton Yacht Club, sailed away with the Ian Farrier Trophy once again.


The Corsair Flying Family welcomed its little cousin, the Weta Trimaran Class to our party so they could celebrate their first major regatta in the USA, on their own circle. The affair was kinda like a battle of bands featuring Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Bob Marley,  and Pink Floyd. JB may have put on a private concert at the hotel for the guests, but nobody talked about it.


Day One - Sunday: Boats began slipping ashore in the sabine behind the Margaritaville hotel while Wayne Jablonowski, Gulf Yachting Association PHRF Multihull Rating Committee Chairman, and his wife, Beth stuffed the regatta bags while I went across the street to watch Cliff and Brian launch Strategery with some kind of tow vehicle like I've never seen and protect the Weta trailer from arrest by the local sheriff. We held a joyous welcome party and the skippers' briefing that night at the "Sailor Friendly" Pensacola Beach Yacht Club.


Day Two - Monday: Breeze was on from the southeast which meant the fleet would be close reaching to Juanas, on Navarre Beach, for lunch. The Wetas were launched first then we extended the Starting Line for the PHRF Start, thirty minutes later. As we were racing the boats down the rhumb line to set up the Finish line, the oil warning buzzer fired off. Oops - so we stopped and filled the upper tank. The Wetas and YO! were flying out of sight. No worries, if we didn't run out of oil again we would barely make it if our angels were with us. They were.


The barbecue was had, and I announced a 1430 Start for the Wetas, and a 1500 Start for the PHRF pilots. By the way folks, it wasn't Randy's idea to cant the rig on YO!, and I'll never tell. The Wetas gave the Race Committee and the PHRF sailors a sailing lesson during the tight kite reach back to Margaritaville. I'll say it again: those little pocket rockets are fast. Leonard and Kitchen beat the RC boat and the PHRF boats to Pensacola Beach. I'll never give them a thirty minute head start downwind anymore, and that's a fact.


That evening a couple dozen guests joined Hunter Riddle for a Schurr Sails Loft Night. He handed out some beer, chips, and some insight on how sailmakers fabricate sails.


Day Three - Tuesday: Randy's Speed Sailing Seminar on the beach drew forty - seven attentive sailors and set the stage for the day's buoy racing. During Race one my son hailed me on the vhf and asked me how to shut that damn buzzer off. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten to tell him the oil pump was out on the Yamaha and he needed to fill the top reservoir. Oil in an engine does make a difference. Thank goodness for modern technology. Kirk Newkirk was monitoring the incoming frontal system from Key Sailing, and Chuck Johnson was doing the same with his cell phone. After Race two we decided that we had about an hour and a half to get the race in and make it back in the sabine before the angry weather would strike. Well friends and neighbors, the wind shift struck the course shortly after we hoisted anchor and were underway to the bunkhouse.


Jason Knoll put on a fine chicken barbecue at PBYC while the protest committee of Charles Harp, Richard Stephens, and Sam Grant were forced to defend the Race Committee against two requests for redress. I lived to see another day, but 'Mark Twain' weather was on its way, and I was gettin' down right petrified that tomorrow could be the sudden end of a short career.


Day Four - Wednesday: Now that I have introduced Mark Twain, did you know he used to race riverboats on the Mississippi River? That's a true historical fact. He once claimed, "sometimes we would race against islands, and the islands would win." If you ever serve as a principal race officer in sailing paradise, you'll learn what he meant. We wasted the day away at Key Sailing and enjoyed a Subway Sandwich 'Picnic' courtesy of Kirk Newkirk. We did not feel all that inspired to have the fleet saddle up and sail to the old Coast Guard station down the beach toward Pensacola Pass in base winds of twenty - five knots and surf on the beach in the bay. That afternoon David Johnson, David Colt, and Rick Zern hosted a rigging seminar and revealed the secrets of line construction and stretch. New sailors and veteran racers gained from the expertise presented with regard to using the correct line for applications on the boat.


On Wednesday evening the Hemingway Restaurant allowed us in, since we were behaving, for a nice little meal and a slide show of Tuesday's racing provided by Millie and Bert. Once we saw the photographic proof we were convinced that those planes buzzing us during Race one were, in fact, the Blue Angels. Maybe having so many trimarans in close proximity to NAS Pens confused national security, and they felt an alien invasion was actually happening during the Celebration of Naval Aviation.


Oh Boy, Final Day! All we had to do was set up our race track on Alpha Course and get in a couple races, but a USAF picket boat arrived in the starting area just before we went into sequence and announced that within twenty minutes fifty - five aviators in training were going to be dropped from helicopters and would be drifting across our course awaiting sea rescue by air. Otay, so we were forced to go Lima and move to Bravo as the pressure dropped out of the east. Otay, so we set up on Bravo and started both divisions together. Instead of the wind going right and holding pressure, 'Mark Twain' weather wanted to play. The wind began shifting the axis left and ran out of breath. Mark Set One kept up with the shift for a COC for leg two. We watched as several crews found themselves trapped in glass boxes on the right side and the leeward end of the race track. I ordered a 'shorten course' at the top hoping we could still finish all boats and not be forced to abandon. Our angels came through and saved the day.


The award ceremony was scheduled for 1600 at PBYC. I postponed until Jim Leonard came running up in his wetsuit. My son had towed our Viper 16 to the beach from Pensacola Yacht Club so he could spar with Kirk on his shiny new NACRA Formula 20 C. Jim forgot about awards and went for his first sail on a Viper; damn catamarans:-) The overall results are on www.gulfsailing and on the PBYC site under racing/schedule. The Weta final results and PHRF times for all races will be presented when DJ returns from the Melges 24 Worlds; damn monohulls:-)


Our Special Awards include the Wind Craft Amateur Award which was earned by Tom Reese, aboard Flight Simulator. The Corsair Cup was won by Bob Hodges, current A Cat Class (USA) Association President, aboard The Dark Side. The F - 27 Hall of Fame Trophy winner was John Achim, aboard TRI N Catch Me. The Distance Traveled Award was won by Chuck Sears, from Arizona, aboard Monsoon. Who knows how many times Randy has slipped away with the Ian Farrier Trophy?


Now to my favorite chapter in the story: I have the royal privilege of thanking the race management team that has been working together since the mid - eighties when we were hosting the Mistral Nationals on an annual basis. This is pretty much the same team that started the final day of the Nationals,one year (a hundred and fifty or so competitors from seven nations and the US Olympic Boardsailing Team) at 0730 hours due to a dying breeze that was forecast to fade by 1100. I introduce you to Mark Set One Race Officer, Mike Mead and his crew, Bud Schumann and Glenn Purcell. My Pin Set and Leeward Mark set operator, Bert Rice Jr. (finished second in the Windsurfing Olympic Trials in 1987) was assisted by our photographer, BJ's wife, Millie. Our Signal trawler, Cruising Buff was skippered by Lee Hargrove from PYC with assistance from Michelle Sutherland. Chuck and Cindy Johnson, members of PYC now living in Seattle, were awesome and on task the entire regatta. They were always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. The team from Fort Walton Yacht Club included Purcell, Jerry DeFay who brought his mini trawler, Flag to serve on the Weta course, Lou Richard, their Fleet Captain, and 'Shady' Bill Grady who gave up cooking to crew wherever and whenever to keep us moving both circles forward. I would like to offer special tribute to Mark Smith, aka "M Flag," from the Key Team and PBYC for his relentless pursuit of happiness for the Weta Family by ensuring they raced enough (9) heats to make their regatta worth the trip. Lindy Kirkpatrick, from PYC, served as our Rendezvous/cruising Chair and arranged for the regatta bags from Publix.


Chuck, Lee, and I came up with a slogan for the event. We realized that "winch handles, signal flags, and sail numbers are over - rated." Also, please be reminded that Buddy Ebsen once claimed there were only three types of sailboats - half cats, cats, and cats and a half. Friends and neighbors, that's what the Corsair Flying Family is made of.


Finally: Cliff, is your daughter still grinnin' ear to ear like she was whenever I saw her on the boat or in the club house?


By the way - if you have climbed up the hill and read this, please dream of me and Jimmy and Mark sittin' on the side of some hill, gazin' up at those shiny, twinklin' stars, and sharing a jug of that honey - dew vine water. Good Night. Tremulous trimaran dreams to all.


Bert Rice -


See Full Story for recaps from Richard Stephens (Weta) and Marty Mitchell (cruising)

Final Results sans Weta final results and PHRF finish times by race (coming soon)



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2011 Preemie Cup PHRF Race - PBYC April 16


34th Pensacola Catamaran Midwinters - March 18 - 20
2011 Pensacola Midwinter Championships
Nacra20 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Total Net
Charlie Trinque 5 3 4 2 2 1 1 1 19 14
Trey Brown 8 1 1 1 1 7 5 6 30 22
Mike Hill 1 5 5 4 3 4 3 2 27 22
Mark Smith* 4 2 3 5 4 3 2 4 27 22
Capt. Kirk 3 4 2 3 5 2 4 5 28 23
Charles Harp 2 6 6 7 7 5 6 3 42 35
Tad Pecorak 6.5 8 9 DNS 8 6 6 7 9 59.5 50.5
Mark Murray 6 5 7 7 6 9 DNS 9 DNS 9 DNS 9 DNS 62.5 53.5

F18 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Total Net
Ollie Jason 1 1 1 1 1 4 OCS 1 1 11 7
Matt Krofstad 2 2 2 2 2 1 3 2 16 13
Mike Pederson 3 3 3 4 DNF 4 DNS 2 2 3 24 20
F16 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Total Net
Jody Abrams 1 1 3 2 2 4 2 3 18 14
Taylor Reiss 4 2 1 1 1 3 3 5 20 15
Patrick Pettengill 3 5 5 3 4 2 1 1 24 19
Chris Amador 2 4 4 4 3 1 5 2 25 20
      Bert Rice Jr. 5 3 2 6 DNF 6 DNS 5 4 4 35 29 

OVERALL R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 Total Net

Charlie Trinque 20 8 6 9 4 4 1 1 1 34 25
Taylor Reiss 16 10 4 2 2 1 7 7 12 45 33
Ollie Jason 18 9 2 1 1 2 17 OCS 8 11 51 34
Mike Hill 20 1 10 10 7 5 6 5 3 47 37
Capt. Kirk 20 3 7 6 6 10 3 6 6 47 37
Mark Smith* 20 4 5 7 8 7 5 4 5 45 37
Jody Abrams 16 5 1 8 9 6 8 3 9 49 40
Trey Brown 20 14 3 4 3 3 14 10 7 58 44
Patrick Pettengill16 7 16 14 12 12 4 2 2 69 53
Charles Harp 20 2 11 11 11 13 10 11 4 73 60
Chris Amador 16 6 13 13 13 9 2 12 8 76 63
Matt Krofstad 18 13 9 5 5 8 11 14 13 78 64
Bert Rice Jr. 16 15 8 3 17 DNF 17 DNS 9 9 10 88 71
Tad Pecorak 20 11.5 14 17 DNS 14 11 13 15 17 DNS 112.5 95.5
Mark Murray 20 11.5 12 12 10 17 DNS 17 DNS 17 DNS 17 DNS 113.5 96.5
Mike Pederson 18 16 15 15 17 DNF 17 DNS 12 13 14 119 102
*Mark Smith sailed with an experimental/developmental(?) suit of sails built by Schurr Sails of Pensacola
Thanks to Rick Adams for providing the committee boat, Bert Rice Sr. and Adrian Solomon for mark set and pin set work and, as always,
Kirk Newkirk for hosting._________________________
Kevin Rejda
Gulf Breeze, Florida

photos by Jeanne Crooke, Bert & Millie Rice

Alter Cup: Randy Smyth  and Michael Rice Climb the Ladder 

2010 US Sailing Alter Cup semi - finals - photos

Bob Curry and FWYC Bring it on Home

2010 GYA Multihull Championship - photos



2009 WFORC photos from Derek at Schurr Sails

Rock, Paper, and Scissors Regatta - Birmingham Sailing Club

Two days of wind blessed the Opti fleet of thirty - nine boats in Green, Red, Blue, and White Fleets. The BSC Race Committee provided the children with seven races and a clinic by Tom Coleman. Winds on Saturday ranged from six to twelve knots, and on Sunday, Lake Logan Martin provided unpredictable light air streaks. Results are forthcoming, but for now, enjoy the picturesque setting and action here.

2009 Juana's Good Time Regatta, Windsurfing Reunion, and Boat/Board Show

Subway US Sailing Junior Olympic Regatta Pensacola Yacht Club

2009 Round the Island Race FWYC Results

2009 Snipe Nationals photos

2009 A Class Catamaran North American Championship Gallery

Corsair Nationals Gallery by Steve Green (extensive with annotation)

Port Start: Race Four "Port to Port Race," Corsair Nationals, PHRF B, 36 nms.

Laser Sailing keeps growing and growing and growing

Fort Walton Yacht Club: Sailors of all ages from PBYC, PYC, and FWYC have been coming together for a couple of years now in growing numbers for more events. The swell is rising, and with Key Sailing providing the boats and parts, 2009 appears to be a GREAT year for more interest and development. The Frosty Nipple Series, hosted by FWYC, is underway with twenty - plus boats a day. The Jubilee Regatta at PYC in early November featured twenty competitors on the line. Sam and Jennifer Grant, from FWYC, have been working with David Johnson, Dave Dunbar, and Rick Zern, from PBYC to make this adventure happen. Check out the links below to discover more about this great Laser Fleet for all ages.

Frosty Nipple Series Results Photos


Discover Pensacola Bay Sailing Festival 

October 3 - November 2

 November 1 & 2: US Sailing Alter Cup Eliminations (PBYC)

Area D South Photos see Catsailor for final scoring by points  

 The city of Pensacola is staging its 450th anniversary as a settlement in North America.  Pensacola Bay is the oldest deep - water harbor in North America and has a great history of sea - faring.  Prior to steam power, sailing ships filled the bayfront from the port across the north shore and eventually down shore to Pensacola NAS. 

This October will present our community with a timely opportunity to become more aware of our sailing heritage, our present, and our future. Gulf Sailing is proud to sponsor this historic "return of sailing."  We are proud to be working with the yacht clubs, the Celebrate Pensacola Committee, and Key Sailing to promote this event as part of Pensacola Bay's 450th birthday as the first Spanish settlement on the U. S. mainland. The up - coming regattas will feature national, world, and Olympic - level sailors from five nations competing for podium finishes against our local, Pensacola Bay sailors.

October 3 - 5: GYA Multihull Championships (PBYC)

Pensacola Beach: The tenth Annual Gulf Yachting Association Multihull Championships, hosted by Pensacola Beach Yacht Club and Key Sailing set sail on Saturday, October 4. Despite the light and shifty breeze, The PBYC Race Committee, headed by George Goodall from FWYC, as our Race Officer, managed to get in two races for the catamaran and trimaran fleets. 

Fort Walton Yacht Club wins Pollak Trophy

The Team of Bob Curry, Brian Lambert, and Don Wigston outscored PBYC and PYC to claim the 2008 Gulf Yachting Association's Pollak Trophy in this inter - club contest. Bob Curry won the GYA Tucker Trophy, Kirk Newkirk had the fastest elapsed times for the Lundquist Trophy, and Don Wigston won a tie breaker against Bert Rice for the Smyth Sails Trophy. PBYC and Key Sailing cooperated to put on a very nice event that allowed "old" friends from windsurfing, catamarans, trimarans, and PHRF sloops the opportunity to enjoy seeing one another on the water and ashore once again after all these years. Next year's event at FWYC will be a real HOOT!

October 10 - 12: GYA West Florida Ocean Racing Circuit (PYC)




North American Championship

October 13 - 17: brought to us by Key Sailing and PBYC

photos brought to you by BeachCats Current results

After seven races the action in this international event is escalating according to expectations. With three days of racing remaining, the close - quarter duels among the top contenders will inch closer in points and in seconds.



 The Formula 18 North American Championship abrubtly concluded on Friday at 0900 when the RC hoisted "N" over "A"  due to the glass box enclosing the racing area. Fifteen heats were sailed in all wind ranges with an early trend toward strong pressure in the morning and lighter pressure, with a gradual veer to the right, following the sun, in the afternoon races. Lunch was always ready when the fleet arrived on shore thanks to "Caz" from Key Sailing. They finally moved the grill after day one so the scoring chairman, Pierre Felteau, could breathe while he was entering data or printing results immediately after arriving ashore.


See the results button for the final scoring. Robbie Daniel and Hunter Stunzi ruled the roost. Gulf Sailing provided a few special awards in order to recognize the widespread base of talent and stoke in the Formula 18 Flying Family. Youth Champion: Taylor Reiss, Masters Champion: Gregg Goodall, Womens Champion: Sandra Tartaglino, Contenders Award: Mark Ederer, and Sportsmanship Award: Pierre Felteau - Long may we sail!


Smyth planes "YO!" to a win: 2008 GATRegatta at FWYC > Results

Photo Gallery from FWYC

Fort Walton Yacht Club, April 25 - 27:  Seventeen teams from Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Florida and our panhandle lined up for seven starts, and sailed over fifty - seven miles during the Gulf Area Trimaran Regatta on Choctawhatchee Bay in light to medium conditions.  Tommy Garner served as Principal Race Officer, and the Race Committee volunteers offered great course management.  Bill Grady's barbecue at Lincoln Park was a real treat after the "ReachFest" from the yacht club.  The support of the Board Members, the staff, and sailors along with beautiful sunsets after a day of racing make Fort Walton Yacht Club a venue to remember.  
The Bermuda starting format for day one launched us into breeze for the 13+ mile distance races to Boggy Bayou (lunch in the park) and back to the yacht club.  The Fleet Captain for the YC, Sam Grant, wrote a software program that prescribed each mark of the course (five in the first leg and four in the return leg) with bay marker id's by chart and descriptions which included bearing and distance to each mark.  His program was based on the wind forecast, and it even revealed the percentages of upwind, reaching, and downwind legs.  Friends and neighbors, he was spot on.
We sailed in single digit pressure for most of day two, and the Sprint 750s and Randy's F 25 C were semi - planing in the puffs.  Wayne Jablonowski, with Mike Parsons on board the F 31R, Phoenix, fought a tough sea battle against "YO!" and Evolution, a C28 R, sailed by Kathryn Garlick for a second in PHRF Class A.
The Sprint 750 Class saw the most number of starters on the line (six) in the history of this new and exciting class.  Don Wigston came back in the planing breeze with Brioso on Sunday to outshoot Phil Styne for the regatta win.  Bob Hodges sailed to a consistent third.
Larry Shaw, Peter Clay, and Bruce Kuerten sailed their F 24 MK I, Riaka, to another decisive win over Bert Rice's, Mark Twain, a stock C 24 MK II.  ED and Lois Dixon followed up a second place finish in the 2008 St. Pete. NOOD with a third in PHRF B aboard TriPower.
For the results and future updates anchor on
By the way: we hit about 18 knts. on the reach back to the club to finish the second leg of the distance race.  When the big sportfishing boat went by us going into the channel for the finish we surfed his wake at 14 knts.  Every wave counts.
Bert Rice


 Alec Thigpen's 2007 Corsair Trimaran Nationals Sea Buoy Race Gallery

Click on the logo above, register, then download the player for all the fun.

Race Four Video: the "Sea Buoy" Race 2007 Corsair Trimaran Nationals  (plug - in errors may occur)

Everybody  video courtesy of Trey Ritter 

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